WTF!RPG Feature: “REJECTED: Five WTF Concepts that got rejected outright” by rvel
August 26, 2009, 12:00 pm
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Infamous character builds and concepts notwithstanding, it is sometimes a surprise that some of the craziest concepts actually get accepted by GMs – who are either too nice, too lenient, or too apathetic to disallow them to a campaign.  But here are five character concepts pitched in our gaming group that got rejected outright.  You judge if they deserved to be so.  Here goes a few notables from our gaming group…

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Five WTF!RPG Honorable Mentions (Various) by rvel
August 24, 2009, 12:00 pm
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During the long long hiatus of WTF moments (which Mawf’s game gladly broke) there had been indeed real close calls in reaching the brand of WTFS.  But didn’t quite reach it.  These are a few lists of those little almost WTFs that at least, deserve to be named…

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WTF!Character Feature: Monkeys, Mana-Charged Mangoes, and the Animal Channel (nMAGE) by rvel
August 21, 2009, 12:00 pm
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This latest WTF is brought to us by Tentaclese, the selfsame guy who created Bjorn the Zombie Viking.  He is currently in Canada, and there, he is running an Nmage game for his gaming group.  I hear that the game is going on well… yet what’s a game without a WTF moment?  This entry has been sitting for a long time in my queue folders, and I almost forgot about it… well, better late than never as I always say.

OldVet - Monkey's Uncle


Imagine a natural-born modern monkey that speaks perfect english and can give DC’s Alfred a run for his money as the best butler in town.  Impeccable, loyal, and far more eloquent than his master – This self-dubbed Tulfa Monkey Butler is only one of the most recent WTFs created in Tentaclese’s nMage game.  The character responsible for such an english-speaking genius socialite Butler Monkey was a mage player who had an extremely unhealthy fascination with the Animal Planet Channel.  The character had mana-infused mangoes that needed daily tending and fruit-picking, and the player presided that it would be pretty suspicious if people saw a common MAID picking up mana-infused mangoes.  (How he came with that idea is beyond me.)

Thus, the idea to create a monkey to fetch the said mangoes was born.

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WTF!RPG Moment: Never leave it up to Number One, Jean Luc. Never! (StarHERO) by rvel
August 19, 2009, 12:00 pm
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In rv’s XCONS Space Opera Campaign, the game concentrated on a band of dangerous mutant ex-convicts who were forcibly recruited by the Federation to become mankind’s last hope – to explore beyond the crimson Nebula, where none yet had returned alive.   They are offered their freedom in exchange for helping them identify the reason why an entire crew of starships disappeared in the dread Verge.

This campaign was supposedly an action-oriented team-based game.  It featured an epic opening (most of the information can be found here.)   However, in a nasty moment of WTF, everything went wrong on a single mission when the Captain’s player (Mappy) was absent. In that single session, the group managed to do a nasty number of things… which of course ended up with such a WTF i never thought it possibly done in a single session.

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WTF!RPG Moment: The gods must be crazy indeed (Homebrew) by rvel
August 17, 2009, 12:00 pm
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It has been quite some time since my last post.  And this was simply because – well, GMs and players in my gaming group got so self-conscious of being posted here that they began avoiding WTF concepts entirely.  (For short, things turned incredibly sane.)  But despite the long downtime… I cannot resist, because this latest WTF moment truly deserves a slot in this blog.  So, with no more delays, our gaming group’s latest brand of WTF.


“GM Mawf had been planning a god game for quite some time now – formulating his own homebrew rules to accurately portray the powerlevel of newborn gods into the world of man.   I had been gearing up (for a very long time) to play my Scion character, Will, who’s concept is basically a fireman chosen by Wotan/Odin to lead his newest most inexperienced valkyries  (from all walks of life) into finding worthy souls in the modern day world.  So, when Mawf pitched the game to the group – that he was going to run a game akin to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, I practically jumped at the invitation.  I converted my character from Scion into the new homebrew game, prepped my mind for gaimanish ideas and was ready to let loose.   I further designed Will as a tortured character, divorced, with a daughter who hates him, and alone in the apartment drowning himself in beer and nachos.  His whole plot revolves around second chances, and the fiery rebirth the valkyries would offer him upon his “Ascension.”   Of course, I never truly expected what happened next…

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WTF!Character Feature: For the Love of the Goat: Billie, the Goat Paladin (DnD 4E) by rvel
September 26, 2008, 5:23 am
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This character, is unfortunately, one of our main members in our DND Trial Group run by Pointyman – played by one of our more eccentric players whom I’ll hide under the name Pan.  Pan has one of the unique (if a bit fevered and disruptive) imaginations in our gaming group, and indeed – sometimes exhibit the wildest most eccentric concepts since Tentaclese.  This, unfortunately, is not a plus very often – since he tends to shower us with one of the many WTF concepts alongside very long WTF dialogues which can derail an entire campaign.

Among his concepts was Thrashcan Man, a thrashcan which has gained sentience and decided to fight the good fight … possibly to prevent the greenhouse effect or something.  Ladykiller, a happy-go-lucky mass murdering tiefling with alien antennaes for horns and a heart shaped tail.  And his upcoming Fairyman Jason Bourne in the Changeling campaign has me twiddling thumbs.

The most recently released WTF character he’s made has to be Billie, the Goat Paladin.  Whose name alone requires an entry here in this web blog… as a brain-breaking WTF Character.

With no further ado…

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WTF!RPG Moment: “Death by Cutscene” by rvel
September 25, 2008, 6:20 am
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While Munchkins are infamous for breaking any system with sheer dedication… there are still those systems that have come to be considered as “munch-friendly.” DnD 3.5 is perhaps one of the most infamous systems in our gaming group, primarily because of its potential for “CHEESE” or Munchkinisms.  Yes, anyone that heard of Elminster would know that a fighter/wizard/ranger/rogue is just a horrible, horrible concept storywise… even if it does benefit the player a lot ingame.

(Note: For those unfamiliar with the term… Munchkins are players who optimize their build so much, abusing the faults and loopholes of the rpg system just to benefit from them ingame.   In other terms, they abuse the glitches… metaphorically like a Super Mario hitting that turtle a hundred times to get infinite lives.)

The powerhungry, the perfectionist, or just the plain bored gamer would probably create these gems of WTF-ness.  I’ve experienced munchkin’d DnD characters in my time as well, counting Oghren Tor, the feral half fiend barbarian human rogue of doom with a symbiote who had nearly 7 attacks at level 5 alone… or the White Wolf Damphyr Hunter who was so overpowered with customized thin-blooded disciplines, that those npcs that encountered him called him the reputed  Son of Kain. The biggest WTF munchkin’d character known to our group will no doubt be RV’s The Assassin Dee, in Balthazar’s Lethal DND game a few years back. Known for not only surviving the very lethal game, but also for killing a month-long prepared Boss-monster in just a single round.

I admit, as a GM, I felt the dire need to give munchkins sufficient challenges… and sometimes wanting to kill them outright for breaking the fragile tension and balance of the game.  But I have never tried to attempt such an ingenious death ‘scene’ as was applied to Dee.

Such WTF, that it requires an entry here…

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